Getting ready for the first F1 Grand Prix this year

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The first F1 Grand Prix of the 2013 season is coming up this weekend in Australia!

We have a lot of respect for F1 drivers, who are some of the most well-conditioned athletes in the world.

Did you know that with each turn of the steering wheel in an F1 car, the average physical strain on the arms adds up to dozens of kilos – and thousands of kilos throughout an entire race?

Or that the extreme heat in a cockpit means that drivers sweat off up to 3kg of their body weight during a race?

F1 drivers have to be incredibly strong to withstand the vast G-forces generated by their racing cars.

This is particularly essential with the neck – which needs to support the head and the helmet under immense loadings – the shoulders, chest and arms.

For drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, the Technogym F1 Training Machine is key to their race prep. Designed exclusively for the sport, it enables targeted training of the muscle groups that are used when one drives a competition-line race car.

With a device that combines G-force with vibrations, the F1 Training Machine allows users to train in realistic racing conditions by reproducing the high-impact stress imposed on the arms and neck inside the cockpit.

How does it work?

A mechanism based on elastic forces allows you to train in 4 different directions. By hooking up front and rear cables to the driver’s helmet, this produces angular resistance similar to that of a car’s rapid acceleration and deceleration motions. Hooks at the side enable neck muscle training to help drivers counteract the effects of centrifugal forces.

To train the forearms, the steering wheel of the machine has a nominal load of 25kg with weight stacks of 2.5kg each. It’s also fitted with a mechanism that combines the weight force with a vibration device, imitating the intense and constant vibrations that occur on the race track.

F1 racing is a very scientific sport, and together with experts in the field Technogym constantly works on ways to improve fitness measurement, training effectiveness and optimal performance for drivers on the track. Find out more about how the Porsche Human Performance Centre, one of our partners, works with drivers to get them race fit.

In addition to F1, Technogym also works with many other sporting organisations, international teams and athletes. Find out more about Technogym’s sports partnerships here.


Would a machine like this be for sale and if so at what price would it be please?

Luis Guimarães23 May 13

Hi Luis, currently this is a specialist training machine that is only produced and customised for use by F1 teams that Technogym works with. Thanks very much for your interest though. Stay tuned for further updates on the Wellness blog!

Joanie24 May 13

I want one! and you can bet you can sell many of these machines. Make some other version to sell. You got a pot of gold there.

Juan Larronde10 Oct 13

The most amazing part about this article is, “Did you know that with each turn of the steering wheel in an F1 car, the average physical strain on the arms adds up to dozens of kilos”. Thanks for the tips.

Andrew24 Dec 13

Is this training machine still not for sale? A Belgian customer is really interesed in it! It can lead to recurrent communications concerning Technogym and our know how in a wealthy environment

Inge van der Koelen10 Nov 14