Going the extra mile for Wellness spaces at home

Over the past 30 years, Technogym has become a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art fitness equipment, renowned globally for innovative design and technology. Technogym’s Forma and Personal collections fit perfectly into the home, blending high quality materials and performance with features such as Entertainment Support and internet connectivity to keep you motivated and track your progress […]


Eating well

#WellnessTip: How to shop for food wisely

This Wellness Tip is brought to you by the elite team at the Porsche Human Performance (PHP) Centre. Based in Silverstone, the home of British motorsport, PHP works with athletes, drivers and sportspeople to fine-tune their bodies through customised nutrition, hydration and exercise techniques. PHP trains its clients on Technogym’s professional and MED lines of […]


Dolphin Centre_beasted

#ChampionstrainwithTechnogym: send your message to the Commonwealth Games athletes

The day has arrived at last. The opening ceremony of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games takes place tonight at Celtic Park at 8pm (BST), and insiders say it will be a brilliant display that will kick off the best Commonwealth Games event yet. For all the athletes in the 71 participating countries, it will be […]


Megan Balabey interview

Athlete interview: Megan Balabey, Rhythmic Gymnast

In this interview we spoke with fresh-faced Megan Balabey, who at 15 years old is the youngest member of Team England’s gymnastics squad. Having started gymnastics training when she was just 8 years old, Megan has already been a regular on the competitions circuit, with her first medals for Great Britain achieved in April 2012. […]


Daniel Awde

The GLL Sport Foundation: some athletes to look out for at Glasgow 2014

We recently caught up with four London-based athletes from the GLL Sport Foundation who will be representing Team England at the Commonwealth Games – weightlifters Jo Calvino and Mercy Brown, and runners Conrad Williams and Daniel Awde. With the support of bursaries and training sponsorship at GLL’s Better leisure centres and clubs around the city, […]


Injury Prevention & Marathon Training

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Distance runners are always striving to find a happy medium between optimal training loads and minimising their risk of injury. With every step we run, forces of up to three times our body weight are put through our joints (a marathon itself requires around 25,000 steps). Therefore, we need to make sure we have sufficient biomechanics, stability and strength to best dissipate the forces from these steps.

Every runner is an individual, each with our own asymmetries, weaknesses and restrictions; so our requirements are also unique [...]

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It is becoming ever more apparent that the importance of taking part in physical activity has a strong and positive impact on our mental health and emotional wellbeing. At the Youth Sport Trust we are working hard to build a brighter future for young people through high quality physical education (PE), sport and physical activity.

We want to enthuse people to participate in all forms of physical activity from a young age in the hope of instilling a love that will remain for life; but there is [...]

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What Do Millennials Really Want from Their Work Out? And Why Do They Struggle with Maintaining Their Fitness?

At Technogym, we strive to promote the idea of “Wellness,” not only from a fitness perspective but by taking a 360 degree view that encompasses everything from nutrition to personal health to overall wellbeing. We try continuously to identify important trends and habits that motivate how people consume wellness, how they workout, and what they really want to obtain from their fitness regimens.

As Millennials increasingly come of age, we have begun to see their profound effect on the world at large. We have begun to [...]

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It’s National #FitnessDay! Let’s get fit for free

Today, on September 9th 2015, join Technogym in celebrating the most active day of the year, National Fitness Day.

For 24 hours people all around the UK will be getting their gym kit on and celebrating physical activity. It’s easy to get involved as thousands of clubs, parks and leisure centres around the UK will be opening their doors and offering free day passes, events, and a variety of classes suitable for all interests and fitness levels. Classes that you can attend range from Yoga to [...]

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Running, a primary instinct of man.


Historically, running was vital to defend, attack, and survive. Today, it has become a stress relieving activity, fundamental to good health and a strong body.

MYRUN TECHNOGYM is the next evolution in running experience. 5 minute set up, exquisite, Italian design and unique running features set MYRUN TECHNOGYM apart.

Using your tablet and the MYRUN APP you can enjoy a running experience and feedback like never before. Control your RUNNING RATE, index your cadence, stride length and vertical displacement.

Optimize your performance based on the beat of your heart. Enjoy MYRUN TECHNOGYM’s customised [...]

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